I found FDIS Merchant Solutions the hard way. Area-FiftyOne is a small web design shop and we need merchant accounts and credit card terminals for our customers.  The last thing web designers need is a client calling to say their terminal is down. Worse than that is the frustration, aggravation, and wasted time dealing with a merchant account company that wouldn't support us when trying to resolve a problem. Area-Fiftyone now has several customers with FDIS Merchant Solutions and we've never been in that position since. NEVER!


FDIS Merchant Solutions services, speed on shipping, value, is highly appreciated, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. It all comes down to the people who support us.  My account rep is Larry Horan and he helps me anytime and I even have his cell phone number!

Once signed up, you'll find:

• Support is a promise
• Service is provided direct from First Data corporate if we have any batch settlement issues

The bottom line is this: If you need fast and reliable merchant account services and someone how actually pickup the phone then FDIS Merchant Solutions is the company you need to partner with!   Their "old fashioned" approach to SERVICE is very welcomed, like dealing with a good friend. FDIS Merchant Solutions is a class act!